Install Dell OMSA On Centos

I was trying to install Dell Open Manage Server Administrator on my Centos linux servers and had a difficult time finding clear directions on how to do it. Turns out it is extremely easy. Input the following commands in the terminal (must be done as the root user):

This command adds the Dell repository where OMSA is located.

“curl -s | bash”

This command installs all the features of Dell OMSA.

“yum install srvadmin-all”

Then you can connect to the web management interface by going to


in a web browser.

You will also need to create firewall rules in Centos to allow you to connect remotely. In my particular instance I didn’t need the firewall to be running so I simply disabled it by running the following command as root:

“systemctl stop firewalld”


“systemctl disable firewalld”

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